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Protect your investment with the OPTI-VISION cleaner. Cleans and polish elastomer polymer and glass. OPTI-VISION will also clean PVC, aluminum, ceramic tiles, windows, mirrors, windshields and much more. Leaves no film, Quick wipe out, non-streaking and leaves a fresh fragrance. This product does not contain ammonia that is damageable for the elastomer.

A light and regular maintenance will increase the life of your SUNLOFT.
Ideal for solariums, sunrooms and walls Under.

OPTI-LUB Lubricant

OPTI-LUB will extend the life and maintain the good functioning of your pleated shades, sliding doors, windows and retractable screens.

The Canadian window and doors manufacturers association recommends lubricating your doors and windows weather-stripping twice a year to increase their efficiency.

Stops sticking - Drawers, windows, doors, screens, zippers, locks, etc. Eliminates- Annoying squeaks in hinges, latches, springs, etc.
Retards corrosion - Protects battery terminals, tools, skates, aluminium windows and doors.
Helps prevent-Dirt, grass, and mud from sticking to lawn mowers – snow from sticking to snow shovels.
Dries fast - Leaves no greasy or oily film – not affected by water, oil or solvents.

Heat stable - will not freeze or melt.

Automotive - Lubricates window channels, door, weather stripping, trunk seals, undercarriage, rubber mounting, emergency brakes, pedal shafts, car seats, adjustment mechanisms. Eliminates squeaks from fan belts. Prevents battery terminal corrosion. Waterproofs ignition system, hinges, springs and casters.

A light and regular maintenance will increase the life of your SUNLOFT.


 Solarium Optimum cleaning products

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