The light and versatile Modular Shelter

Simple and versatile concept


Our shelter, The SunLoft, is a modular concept. The elastomer* wall modules and the tempered glass roof modules are factory pre-assembled. The pre-assembly guarantees total waterproofing. No sealant needs to be applied to the glass on site. It is factory sealed. All wall modules are compatible with all sizes of SunLoft  and sunrooms. A simple CLICK assembles the modules together using PVC caps, thus simplifying the installation process.


The modular concept allows you


  • To enlarge the room later on by adding module
  • To relocate or add doors and windows afterwar
  • To transform fixed modules into window modules. The frame is the same
  • To disassemble and reassemble the SunLoft into another shape. All wall modules are compatible



Hybrid Modular Shelter
At the cutting edge of technology


The structure (frame) of the SunLoft is made of extruded aluminium and PVC capping for the finish. The wall modules are made of elastomer and the roof modules are made of tempered glass. The structure (frame) is engineer approved and is built to support snow loads without having to add winter support. The hybrid aluminium structure (frame), PVC and elastomer combine flexibility and lightness allowing you to install the solarium on most balconies or decks, even if they move.

Eave (overhang)  

The glass roof modules exceed the wall modules by approximately 5’’ (127mm), creating an overhang allowing you to open the windows even when it rains. The overhang prevents rain water from coming in, and eases and reduces maintenance, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. A decorative arch is installed under the eave giving the roof exceptional style.



Solarium Optimum modular shelter offers premium ventilation. The inverted single hung (2 tracks)window opens from the top, exactly where warm air is located, enabling the window to act as a chimney.

For this reason, we call it our smart Window. The inverted single hung window eliminates direct drafts that can sometimes be cold in the spring or fall. The opening and locking system enables smooth gliding even if the ground or the deck moves. The window is equipped with fixed insect screens (standard) or optional retractable screens. The screens protects you against insects and may also filter irritants and polluants such as pollen and dust.

*ELASTOMER: A very flexible polymer. Elastomer resumes its original shape after stretching. It is available in a choice of 2 translucent tints: smoke and charcoal. 20 mil Elastomer has a molecular memory, resists cold weather and is UV protected. Non-flammable, it contains fungicide and is warranted for 10 years; prorated.


Made in Canada