Solarium Optimum Options


The retractable screen


Unique to Solarium Optimum; The screen mesh rolls inside a casing located at the top of the single hung window. When you open the window, this pulls the screen toward the bottom and makes it appear and when you close the window; the screen disappears in the casing.

The main advantages of the retractable screen are:
In closed position, during the cooler seasons you will get 30% more light for an energy gain of 34%. The screen mesh stays clean and no winter storage is required. Better view to enjoy the surrounding landscape. The screen mesh is flexible, if an object should hit it, the screen mesh will not tear.


Choice of colour


Our sunrooms are available in White and Capri. 
However, you can choose an optional custom color! All colors, standard or custom-made, are available in a high-quality finish.




All modular shelters and sunrooms of the Sunloft serie by Solarium Optimum can be equipped with transoms. The transoms will add style and height . Installed on top of the modular retractable screen windows, sliding door or fixe modules, it will bring more light into your life. This option is also used for walls under. 



Opti-Bloc pleated shades


Opti-Bloc pleated shades are a shade concept that will adapt to any decor, according to your taste and need. They are easy to clean and install, practical and aesthetic. This unique and exclusive concept gives you the opportunity to open and close your shades either from the top or the bottom, they are equipped with a breaking system, this allows you to bring light to the adjacent room and to shade the desired area for a greater comfort. Contrary to an awning, the shade lets you decide where you want shade. They protect you against sunray and let you enjoy the sunlight as desired.

The OPTI-BLOC shade by solarium Optimum; is an opaque white, accordion style, multi-layered bi-axially oriented polypropylene synthetic paper. It has an ultra-smooth surface with a low gloss matte-finish. Completely waterproof, chemical resistant and stable to UV rays. It is completely recyclable (as a plastic). The OPTI-BLOC shades where designed exclusively for sunrooms and skylights.

Opti-Bloc pleated shades are 98% opaque and will resist to temperature up to 77C (170F)

It is available for all brands of sunrooms; with glass roof.



The screen door


The sliding screen door is installed inside the SunLoft.  It is universal and it is easy to install.