Quality, Warranty and security



Solarium Optimum modular shelters and sunroom, The SunLoft, is an assembly line manufactured modular room. Whether standard or custom size, each manufacturing step undergoes a strict quality control process. The roof, wall, door modules as well as shades and windows are submitted for verification twice before continuing to the next step in the manufacturing process.

A final verification is performed before final packaging. For this reason, the product requires little to no aftersales services. This is a major consideration at the time of purchase. Aftersales services can be very expensive.


At the cutting edge of technology, our research and development centre assure you the best components for your shelter.  All of our rooms are backed by our 10 years prorated warranty. The glass is warranted for 20 years.

Quality & warranty

Peace of mind and security


With Solarium Optimum, you can sleep peacefully; let the wind blow the snow and rain filled clouds. All of our sunLoft modular shelter and sunrooms are built in conformity with the Canadian National Building Code.

What does it mean? Our rooms are built according to the Canadian standards of construction for wind and snow load.
All of our SunLoft are submitted to a severe quality control. The glass roof frame (structure) of all of our shelters utilise a 4 season frame (structure), there is no need to add winter support.

Made in Canada


Approuved by Canadian National Building Code